California is one of the biggest car markets, and many owners are avid restorers and collectors of vintage historic cars, race cars, or custom cars. With a big following of many companies and individuals that like to customize their vehicles to their taste we thought it would be a great gathering to offer a nostalgic Japanese car event that allows individuals to share their hard work they have invested in their pride and joy. 


There are not many events in Northern California that cater to multiple makes and models rather to individual manufacturers which is a good thing, but we are starting this event in order to bring all types of vehicles and personalities into one location in Northern California. We are hoping to be able to bring talented individuals from near and far to show their vehicles with their personal touches.

"Kyusha" Kyusha translates to Japanese-old-car. The name Kyusha can refer to any nostalgic or classic car with no modifications to perhaps subtle modifications such as ride height, fender flares, correct wheels for the time and even unrecognizable vehicle.

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